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Youth in Food Systems

   About the Position

Impact Statement
By joining our Youth in Food Systems team, you can learn about and explore food systems while creating content for empowering and inspiring your peers to do the same.

Our Youth Blog is about more than just writing – we need to keep it in tip-top shape with Youth Editors! The essence of the blog lies in having high quality content, and that shouldn’t fall solely on the blog writers. Our editors are responsible for reviewing each post and providing suggestions and feedback before the posts get published.

What you’ll gain:

Critical thinking skills
Written communication skills and abilities
Collaboration skills within the blog team
Confidence in yourself and your abilities
A chance to have your efforts recognized on a professional webpage

Position Qualifications

Ideal for: An Individual
Age: 14+

Area(s) of Interest: Communication/Public Relations, Food/Hospitality, Environment

Skill(s): Written Communication, Time Management, Creative Thinking, Accountability, Self-Motivation

Training / Work Condtions

Training Details: Editors are required to attend one or more drop-in training sessions led by staff, in which they'll learn about how to spot inaccuracies and inappropriate information, how to provide feedback, and where to find more information and resources for learning.
Working Conditions: Remote, self-directed schedule
Transportation: NONE Needed

Time Commitment

Duration: 4 - 6 months
Time commitment: 3 month minimum, 1+ blog posts / month

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