Volunteer Waterloo Region is committed to support the development of individuals and organizations through volunteerism by connecting volunteers to charitable and nonprofit organizations, and by strengthening their capacity. The world is changing, and we have been re-envisioning our priorities and services to address what volunteering will look like going forward. Today the former Volunteer Action Centre is excited to introduce you to our new brand and name, Volunteer Waterloo Region! Although our name and logo have changed our core values, focus on collaboration and inclusion, and commitment to supporting our community has not changed.

As discovered during the Pandemic Volunteer Response Program development, volunteerism is very important to the delivery of many essential programs, creation of new opportunities for personal development, and for fostering social inclusion (OVCN, 2021). A gift of $50 (or more) can help Volunteer Waterloo Region to continue to be a central hub for connecting volunteers to one or more of our 150 member organizations.

Make a big difference in the life of a youthYour gift of $50 can help us reach out to 25,000 students across Waterloo Region so that we can continue to engage in valued volunteering roles

Make a big difference in the life of a senior. About 30% of our elders are at risk of becoming socially isolated, and 24% of our seniors over the age of 65 feel already isolated, and want more opportunities to participate in the community (Statistics Canada, 2021). A gift of $50 can help us make our resources more accessible by covering the costs of in-person meetings to help seniors that are experiencing cultural, physical or mental health barriers get more involved in our community.

Volunteers provide invaluable gifts of time and skill that impact the successful implementation of programs within any organization and for that we are very grateful. We truly thank you for your consideration and support.

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