State of Volunteering

Current State of Volunteering

The lines between volunteer and employee need to be better defined. A volunteer does not exist to cover the role of a full-time employee. Court case reaffirms boundaries for volunteers. CBC News · 

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Volunteer Canada released a formal response to the article about using volunteers to substitute employees. August 22, 2022 


There have been shortages of volunteers in Toronto. The shift in the volunteer climate post-pandemic is still new. August 2022

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There is a surplus of demand for volunteers in Waterloo Region. Getting people to come out and volunteer has been a new process. August 22, 2022

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Volunteer Programming in Waterloo Region is in a time of change. The want for volunteering is still there, just different. August 22, 2022

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Volunteering in Canada has made a change post pandemic. Jane Hennig and others share their thoughts on the matter. January 30, 2023

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