What is a Volunteer Centre






National Definition as defined by Volunteer Canada: 

Volunteer Centres exist primarily to foster and develop volunteerism in the community as a whole.
Volunteer Centres engage in four general kinds of activities:

1) Promoting volunteerism:

Volunteer Centres raise awareness of the power of service, encourage people to volunteer, provide information about volunteerism and recognize the contribution of volunteers. Some examples include celebrating National Volunteer Week and conducting volunteer fairs.

2) Building capacity for effective local volunteering:

Volunteer Centres help voluntary sector organizations, and other groups and individuals that work with volunteers, do a better job recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers. Some examples include offering training programs, one to one consultations, and providing support to organizations that work with volunteers

3) Providing leadership on issues relating to volunteerism:

Volunteer Centres serve as a convenor for the community and a catalyst for action. They work through local partnerships and collaborations with various groups and organizations, government, schools, and community leaders to identify needs and mobilize volunteer response. Some examples include speaking on behalf of volunteers, convening or participating in committees & collaborations, and advising volunteers of community needs.


The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement (CCVI) was created by Volunteer Canada to support organizations that engage volunteers. This framework is for involving volunteers in all levels of an organization. If you are a volunteer or an organization you should be aware of your roles and responsbilities.  Become a Member






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