International Volunteer Day 2023


“International Volunteer Day”(IVD) takes place on December 5th and was created by the United Nations Volunteer Corp as a day on which volunteers around the world are recognized and celebrated for their contributions and dedication. This year's theme for IVD is "If Everyone Did..".

Volunteers are the very heart of our community.  They are our palliative care workers, coaches, the people giving mittens and blankets to our homeless, the people wrapping gifts in the malls during the Holiday Season, the fundraisers, the parents assisting in our classrooms and community centres, the friendly voice on the 24 hour crisis lines, the people driving patients to chemotherapy, the puppeteer teaching children about disabilities, the person cuddling your child at daycare or the person ushering you to your seat at a local theatre. These are just some of examples of volunteers working together to build a better Waterloo Region. And while all these contributions may seem small, it is through the collective effort of everyone that makes this better community a reality. Without a doubt it is the volunteers who build our community. 

 On December 5 take time to recognize the volunteers that you interact with in your daily life. They may be your neighbour, a friend, a co-worker, coach, mentor, or teacher. Every one of them has one thing in common: they want to make our community the place where we want to live, work, and play. Volunteers are the people who give without asking anything in return; they offer generostiy from the kindness of their own hearts through their gift of time. So to all volunteers, we would like to say: Thank You for all that you do!
Volunteer Canada extends gratitude on this day. Learn more about International Volunteer Day #if everyonedid
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